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 oCBakerBase class for animation bakers, handles timing, keyframing and saving AnimationClips.
 oCGenericBakerBaker for Generic/Legacy animation.
 oCHumanoidBakerBaker for Humanoid animation.
 oCAxisToolsContains tools for working with Axes that have no positive/negative directions.
 oCBipedLimbOrientationsContains the information about which way the limbs should be bent.
 oCBipedReferencesContains references to bones common to all biped characters.
 oCCommentsAdding comments to GameObjects in the Inspector.
 oCHierarchyContains tools for working on Transform hierarchies.
 oCInspectorCommentComment attribute for Editor.
 oCInterpClass for various interpolation methods.
 oCLazySingleton< T >Auto-instantiated singleton base class.
 oCShowLargeHeaderIfLarge header attribute for Editor.
 oCLargeHeaderLarge header attribute for Editor.
 oCSingleton< T >The base abstract Singleton class.
 oCSolverManagerManages solver initiation and updating
 \CTriggerEventBroadcasterForwards collider OnTrigger.. events.