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 |oCBipedIKIK system for standard biped characters that is designed to replicate and enhance the behaviour of the Unity's built-in character IK setup.
 |oCBipedIKSolversBipedIK solver collection.
 |oCConstraintThe base abstract class for all Transform constraints.
 |oCConstraintPositionConstraints to position in world space.
 |oCConstraintPositionOffsetOffsets the transform from it's (animated) position.
 |oCConstraintRotationConstraints to rotation in world space
 |oCConstraintRotationOffsetOffsets the transform from it's (animated) rotation
 |oCConstraintsContains and manages a set of constraints.
 |oCGrounderDedicated abstrac base component for the Grounding solver.
 |oCGrounderBipedIKGrounding for BipedIK characters.
 |oCGrounderFBBIKGrounding for FBBIK characters.
 |oCGrounderIKGrounding for LimbIK, CCD and/or FABRIK solvers.
 |oCGrounderQuadrupedGrounding for LimbIK, CCD and/or FABRIK solvers.
 |oCGroundingFoot placement system.
 |oCAimIKAim IK solver component.
 |oCCCDIKCCD (Cyclic Coordinate Descent) IK solver component.
 |oCFABRIKForward and Backward Reaching IK solver component.
 |oCFABRIKRootIK system for multiple branched FABRIK chains.
 |oCFullBodyBipedIKFull Body IK System designed specifically for bipeds
 |oCIKBase abstract class for IK solver components.
 |oCLimbIKIK component for IKSolverLimb.
 |oCLookAtIKRotates a hierarchy of bones to face a target
 |oCTrigonometricIKAnalytic IK algorithm based on the law of cosines
 |oCFABRIKChainBranch of FABRIK components in the FABRIKRoot hierarchy.
 |oCFBBIKHeadEffectorHead effector for FBBIK.
 |oCFBIKChainA chain of bones in IKSolverFullBody.
 |oCIKConstraintBendConstraint used for fixing bend direction of 3-segment node chains in a node based IK solver.
 |oCIKEffectorEffector for manipulating node based IK solvers.
 |oCIKMappingMaps a bone or a collection of bones to a node based IK solver
 |oCIKMappingBoneMaps a single bone to a node in IK Solver
 |oCIKMappingLimbMaps a 3-segmented bone hierarchy to a node chain of an IK Solver
 |oCIKMappingSpineMapping a bone hierarchy to 2 triangles defined by the hip and chest planes.
 |oCIKSolverThe base abstract class for all IK solvers
 |oCIKSolverAimRotates a hierarchy of bones to make a Transform aim at a target. If there are problems with continuity and the solver get's jumpy, make sure to keep IKPosition at a safe distance from the transform and try decreasing solver and bone weights.
 |oCIKSolverCCDCCD (Cyclic Coordinate Descent) constrainable heuristic inverse kinematics algorithm.
 |oCIKSolverFABRIKForward and Backward Reaching Inverse Kinematics solver
 |oCIKSolverFABRIKRootIK system for multiple branched FABRIK chains.
 |oCIKSolverFullBodyGeneric FBIK solver. In each solver update, IKSolverFullBody first reads the character's pose, then solves the IK and writes the solved pose back to the character via IKMapping.
 |oCIKSolverFullBodyBipedFBIK solver specialized to biped characters.
 |oCIKSolverHeuristicContains methods common for all heuristic solvers.
 |oCIKSolverLimbExtends IKSolverTrigonometric to add automatic bend and rotation modes.
 |oCIKSolverLookAtRotates a hierarchy of bones to face a target.
 |oCIKSolverTrigonometricAnalytic IK solver based on the Law of Cosines.
 |oCSolverManagerManages solver initiation and updating
 |oCInteractionEffectorManaging Interactions for a single FBBIK effector.
 |oCInteractionLookAtControls LookAtIK for the InteractionSystem
 |oCInteractionObjectObject than the InteractionSystem can interact with.
 |oCInteractionSystemHandles FBBIK interactions for a character.
 |oCInteractionTargetThe target of an effector in the InteractionSystem.
 |oCInteractionTriggerWhen a character with an InteractionSystem component enters the trigger collider of this game object, this component will register itself to the InteractionSystem. The InteractionSystem can then use it to find the most appropriate InteractionObject and effectors to interact with. Use InteractionSystem.GetClosestTriggerIndex() and InteractionSystem.TriggerInteration() to trigger the interactions that the character is in contact with.
 |oCPoserThe base abstract class for all class that are translating a hierarchy of bones to match the translation of bones in another hierarchy.
 |oCRotationLimitThe base abstract class for all Rotation limits. Contains common functionality and static helper methods
 |oCRotationLimitAngleSimple angular rotation limit.
 |oCRotationLimitHingeThe hinge rotation limit limits the rotation to 1 degree of freedom around Axis. This rotation limit is additive which means the limits can exceed 360 degrees.
 |oCRotationLimitPolygonalUsing a spherical polygon to limit the range of rotation on universal and ball-and-socket joints. A reach cone is specified as a spherical polygon on the surface of a a reach sphere that defines all positions the longitudinal segment axis beyond the joint can take
 |\CRotationLimitSplineUsing a spline to limit the range of rotation on universal and ball-and-socket joints. Reachable area is defined by an AnimationCurve orthogonally mapped onto a sphere.
 oCBipedLimbOrientationsContains the information about which way the limbs should be bent.
 oCBipedReferencesContains references to bones common to all biped characters.
 |\CAutoDetectParamsParams for automatic biped recognition. (Using a struct here because I might need to add more parameters in the future).
 oCCommentsAdding comments to GameObjects in the Inspector.
 oCHierarchyContains tools for working on Transform hierarchies.
 oCInterpClass for various interpolation methods.
 \CTriggerEventBroadcasterForwards collider OnTrigger.. events.