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GrounderBipedIK Class Reference

Grounding for BipedIK characters. More...

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Public Attributes

BipedIK ik
 The BipedIK componet. More...
float spineBend = 7f
 The amount of spine bending towards upward slopes. More...
float spineSpeed = 3f
 The interpolation speed of spine bending. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Grounder
float weight = 1f
 The master weight. Use this to fade in/out the grounding effect. More...
Grounding solver = new Grounding()
 The Grounding solver. Not to confuse with IK solvers. More...
GrounderDelegate OnPreGrounder
 Called before the Grounder updates it's solver. More...
GrounderDelegate OnPostGrounder
 Called after the Grounder has updated it's solver and before the IK is applied. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Grounder
delegate void GrounderDelegate ()
 Delegate for Grounder events. More...

Detailed Description

Grounding for BipedIK characters.