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FingerRig Class Reference

Handles IK for a number of Fingers with 3-4 joints. More...

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Public Member Functions

bool IsValid (ref string errorMessage)
 Is this rig valid? More...
void AutoDetect ()
 Attempts to automatically fill in the Finger bones. More...
void AddFinger (Transform bone1, Transform bone2, Transform bone3, Transform tip, Transform target=null)
 Adds a finger in run-time. More...
void RemoveFinger (int index)
 Removes a finger in runtime. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SolverManager
void Disable ()
 [DEPRECATED] Use "enabled = false" instead. More...

Public Attributes

float weight = 1f
 The master weight for all fingers. More...
Finger[] fingers = new Finger[0]
 The array of Fingers. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from SolverManager
bool fixTransforms = true
 If true, will fix all the Transforms used by the solver to their initial state in each Update. This prevents potential problems with unanimated bones and animator culling with a small cost of performance. Not recommended for CCD and FABRIK solvers. More...


bool initiated [get, set]
 Has the rig properly initiated (in play mode only)? More...

Detailed Description

Handles IK for a number of Fingers with 3-4 joints.