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Look At IK

LookAt IK can be used on any character or other hierarchy of bones to rotate a set of bones to face a target.
Note that if LookAtIK does not fit you requirements, you can also use AimIK, that is very similar, but provides a different set of parameters, to make characters (especially non-biped) look at targets.

Getting started:

Getting started with scripting:

public LookAtIK lookAt;
void LateUpdate () {
lookAt.solver.IKPositionWeight = 1f; // The master weight
lookAt.solver.IKPosition = something; // Changing the look at target
// Changing the weights of individual body parts
lookAt.solver.bodyWeight = 1f;
lookAt.solver.headWeight = 1f;
lookAt.solver.eyesWeight = 1f;
// Changing the clamp weight of individual body parts
lookAt.solver.clampWeight = 1f;
lookAt.solver.clampWeightHead = 1f;
lookAt.solver.clampWeightEyes = 1f;

Adding LookAtIK in runtime:


Component variables:

Solver variables:


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