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Trigonometric IK

Trigonometric IK is the most basic IK solver that is based on the Law of Cosines and solves a 3-segmented bone hierarchy. (IKSolverLimb extends IKSolverTrigonometric just to add a couple of extra parameters like the bend modifiers)

Getting started:

Getting started with scripting:

public TrigonometricIK trig;
void LateUpdate () {
// Changing the target position, rotation and weights
trig.solver.IKPosition = something;
trig.solver.IKRotation = something;
trig.solver.IKPositionWeight = something;
trig.solver.IKRotationWeight = something;
trig.solver.SetBendGoalPosition(Vector goalPosition); // Sets the bend goal to a point in world space

Adding TrigonometricIK in runtime:


Component variables:

Solver variables: