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Limb IK

LimbIK extends TrigonometricIK to specialize on the 3-segmented hand and leg character limb types.

LimbIK comes with multiple Bend Modifiers:

NOTE: Bend Modifiers are only applied if Bend Modfier Weight is greater than 0.

The IKSolverLimb.maintainRotationWeight property allows to maintain the world space rotation of the last bone fixed as it was before solving the limb.
This is most useful when we need to reposition a foot, but maintain its rotation as it was animated to ensure proper alignment with the ground surface.

Getting started:

Getting started with scripting:

public LimbIK limbIK;
void LateUpdate () {
// Changing the target position, rotation and weights
limbIK.solver.IKPosition = something;
limbIK.solver.IKRotation = something;
limbIK.solver.IKPositionWeight = something;
limbIK.solver.IKRotationWeight = something;
// Changing the automatic bend modifier
limbIK.solver.bendModifier = IKSolverLimb.BendModifier.Animation; // Will maintain the bending direction as it is animated.
limbIK.solver.bendModifier = IKSolverLimb.BendModifier.Target; // Will bend the limb with the target rotation
limbIK.solver.bendModifier = IKSolverLimb.BendModifier.Parent; // Will bend the limb with the parent bone (pelvis or shoulder)
// Will try to maintain the bend direction in the most biometrically relaxed way for the arms.
// Will not work for the legs.
limbIK.solver.bendModifier = IKSolverLimb.BendModifier.Arm;

Adding LimbIK in runtime:


Component variables:

Solver variables: